How you can help stop flies this summer

Summer is coming and the temperature is rising, which can mean a population boom of flies across on the Gold Coast and Tweed.

So, to help prevent a plague of flies and maggots, the Tweed Shire Council has released a list of Summer Tips For Bins – and it starts with early prevention.

The Tweed Shire’s website asks us to keep “waste covered and place it in the bin as soon as possible”.


“Maggots only exist if flies have been allowed to have access to your rubbish.”

Tips to eliminate fly access:

  • Ensure all your bins lids close completely, and are stored in the shade in a well ventilated area.
  • Remove food and place food scraps in kitchen caddy right away. Leaving food scraps exposed allows flies to lay eggs.
  • Freeze meat, bones and seafood scraps then place them in your bin on collection day.
  • Rinse food packaging before putting it in your bin. Rinsing yoghurt pots, meat trays and other packaging will help reduce smells.

Tips for fly deterrents:

  • Before placing waste into your bin, pour in a capsule of daily household products to repel insects and deodorize your bins such as:
    • cloves;
    • borax;
    • vinegar or apple cider vinegar;
    • eucalyptus oil;
    • pine sol and witch hazel.

If you do have an incident:

  • Clean and disinfect your bin once it’s been emptied to kill eggs;
  • Kill maggots and fly eggs with boiling water.

For more tips on helping us all to avoid too many flies this summer, visit the Tweed Shire Council website.