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MY frodo-esque journey began at my local corner store.

Despite it being 1km from my house I had never sampled the fare, and as my wife and I had a craving for hamburgers we thought no better time to try it out.

My immediate thoughts were good – great smell, friendly staff.


And then I saw the sign.


Saddened that I had to leave empty handed due to my cash-less wallet, I was nonetheless optimistic about my next port of call – the OTHER local hamburger joint.

This time I was greeted by two signs, sticky-taped to the door.



As I got back in my car, I really began to feel like Homer Simpson in that classic ‘ALL he could eat’ episode.

It didn’t take long for the golden arches to appear and so, despite my good intentions to shop local and purchase some (relatively) fresh food off of a local family owned business, I pulled up to the drive through.

“That will be just $23.85 thanks”.

Just $23.

Just. Like $23 is a perfectly acceptable, if not slightly cheap amount to be spending on two meals of fast food.

I’m not sure what got into me, but I did something I’ve never done before… I said ‘no thanks’ and drove away.

Seriously, when did my local maccas turn into a Singapore airport kiosk?

I thought that was a basic premise of fast food, that it was so much cheaper than normal, actual food that that is why people ate it.

Anyway, back to my epic journey and I finally found a Big Chiefs to sate my hamburger craving, satisfying both my aim of buying local while ticking my very real requirement of actually having an EFTPOS payment option.

But as I inhaled my Roadhouse Burger (so good!) I could not help but shake my head in wonder at why businesses plan on people having cash.

Bank cards are not a fad. If they go the way of the diablo it will be because we are living in a post-apocalyptic hell.

Pretty sure Mad Max didn’t pay cash either now that I think about it.

Unless your name is Harold or Martha and you’re a member of the local Bowls / Bridge Club, you are fairly unlikely to be carrying cash around in your wallet or purse these days.

So to all you small local venders out there – help us help you and make that giant leap into the digital age.

Sure you may have to pay for the terminal, and you may not get our cash for two days, but isn’t that better than it going to a big fast food chain?

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