Here’s how you can slash the cost of running your pool this summer!

QUEENSLANDERS are being urged to be smart with their pools this summer to help save on their power bill.

Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said if not run efficiently, pools can use large amounts of energy.

Using an energy efficient pool pump and timer could save families up to 80 percent on future running costs.


“Queensland’s the place for keeping cool in the pool or spa with family and friends during the summer,” Dr Lynham said.

“But swimming pools and spas don’t just use water, they also use power.

“If they aren’t run efficiently they can also use large amounts of energy and can contribute to an increase to your power bill.

“By following a few simple steps, people can enjoy their pools and see in the New Year while avoiding the nasty surprise of a high power bill.”

Energy tips for pools and spas include:

  • use an energy efficient pool pump and timer. This could save you up to 80 percent on future pool running costs.
  • regularly clear the water inlet to the pool pump to remove leaves and other objects that can impact water flow and make the pump work harder.
  • use pool and spa covers to reduce evaporation, keep leaves and other debris out, reduce filtration and minimise the energy needed to clean your pool – particularly if you are away from your home during the summer.
  • consider connecting your pool and spa pumps to an off-peak tariff such as Tariff 33, which can cut future running costs by around 19 per cent.

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