Here’s one reason you can skip the census

Our Olympians competing in Rio, have been given permission to skip next week’s Census night.

Head of the 2016 Census Program, Duncan Young, said only people in Australia on 9 August need to fill out the form.

He also urged households not to worry if they haven’t received their instruction letter and login, or a paper form.


“While the majority of Census instruction letters and forms have made their way into Australian homes, there are still some that haven’t reached their final destination and may take up until Census night to arrive,” Mr Young said.

“While we ask everyone to complete the Census on August 9, it’s okay to complete it after this if you haven’t received your Census form or letter, or if you get distracted watching our Olympics team compete in Rio on Tuesday night.

“Everyone still has plenty of time and they won’t be fined for being late. Just be sure to complete the form as if it were Census night as soon as your materials arrive.

“Make sure to only include people who stayed in your house on Census night, not people who usually live in the household-they will be counted wherever they are on the night.
The ABS uses information from overseas arrivals and departures passenger cards to capture data on international travellers at Census time.

“If you’re travelling in Australia, you’ll need to fill out your form wherever you are on Census night. If you’re staying in a hotel, motel, caravan park or camping site you will be provided with a form. If you’re travelling remotely, forms will be available from truck stops and camp sites and we have special Field Officers to provide forms to people living and travelling in remote locations.

If you don’t receive your Census letter or paper form by Census night, please contact the Census Inquiry Service (CIS) and they will send you a paper form by priority post or an online login number by SMS or email.

The Census Inquiry Service is open from 8.30am – 10.00pm daily on 1300 214 531.

The Paper Form Request Service is open 24/7 on 1300 820 275.

For further information on the 2016 Census, visit