Here’s where you can get fit alongside an NRL legend on the Gold Coast

If someone tells me ‘winter bodies are made in summer’, the first instinct I have… is to eye roll and walk away.

But not this time.

I’ve always wished I could get fit over winter, but warm pasta dishes, red wine, rugging up on the couch and NOT moving is where it’s at.


If that’s you, feel free to hit the back button and stop reading right here. Or, if you’re ready to be convinced like I was that now is a better time than any to get fit, then here we go.

ENTER: Arguably the quickest way to burn bulk calories, F45.
ALSO ENTER: An incredibly good looking, former NRL star, training buddy, Scott Prince.

Word has it you can now train beside a sporting legend, and F45 Bundall is the place to do it.

Prince has been playing league for over twenty years. He’s played for our good ol’ Titans, as well as the Wests Tigers, the Cowboys, the Broncos, and he’s played Origin for Queensland.

So they don’t come much better, and he’s no stranger to training HARD.

He’s been training at F45 Bundall for the past 3 years but rumour has it; he’s about to take on the franchise’s next global 8 week challenge (beginning on July 22).

So YOU can train with HIM!

I’m not a stalker. But that’s a big incentive for me.

Prince is also lined up to help the trainers with extra sessions and Q&As, for those who want the extra benefits of his sporting knowledge.

Otherwise you can just say g’day to him in class!

Prince will only be training at F45 Bundall, and apparently they’re running a two week free trial so you could realistically just spend two weeks sweating your butt off while drooling over Scott Prince.

You’re welcome.

Did I mention there’s a trip to Bali up for grabs too? I must have been too distracted by the Scott Prince thing…

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