High-impact bollards to prevent vehicle attack in Surfers Paradise

In a safety-conscious move designed to prevent a vehicle-related attack in Surfers Paradise, the City of Gold Coast is installing heavy-duty, retractable, high-impact bollards along the esplanade.

“We will spare no money to ensure the safety of residents and our visitors. This is an investment in community safety,’’ said Mayor Tom Tate.

“These high-impact bollards can repel the force of a large heavy goods vehicle, stopping it in its tracks and saving lives.


“I have committed $500,000 in the 2017-18 budget to purchase the first of these bollards for Surfers Paradise for large crowd events such as schoolies, the GC600, fireworks displays and New Year’s Eve celebrations. I expect we will invest further in other areas across the city as public safety is paramount,” said the Mayor.

A total of 16 anti-vehicle pop-up bollards will be installed between the roundabouts at Hanlan Street and the Soul building by the end of 2017.

Location of the new high-impact bollards in Surfers Paradise

PHOTO: Supplied | City of Gold Coast