Hill: Aussie football’s next big challenge

A question asked by many a child on a long journey. It’s an understandable one too. Waiting for the final destination is a frustrating pastime, particularly when you are young.

Football in Australia (or at least the latest professional incarnation of it), is at that juncture at the moment – and, as tempting as it would be to say “yes, it’s just around the corner” – the answer, even after Australia’s stunning Asian Cup success, has to be no – not yet.


What Saturday’s triumph does, is put another building block in place. The Socceroos are the nations darlings once again. After being on the nose for some time, that’s an achievement in itself – and under Ange Postecoglou, there is unlikely to be a return to the days when the ‘Roos and their fans seemed destined for the divorce courts. Their continued success remains vital to the health of the game.

Yet, even as Mile Jedinak was stepping up to collect the trophy, trouble was brewing in Newcastle,…

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