Hillary Clinton makes history as official Democratic nominee

Hillary Clinton has made history after officially becoming the first female candidate to represent a major U.S political party.

Mrs Clinton became the party’s presidential nominee after a roll-call of delegates on the floor of the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday morning (AEST).


The crowd erupted in cheers when South Dakota’s delegates cast their votes, putting Mrs. Clinton over the threshold for the nomination.

But not everybody in the room was smiling.

During the voting, Senator Bernie Sanders, who rallied millions of voters to his side in his battle against Mrs. Clinton, could be seen tearing up with his wife, Jane, sitting by his side.

It’s been a rough couple of days within the Democratic ranks after emails were leaked that suggested senior Democratic National Committee staff were trying to undermine the Sanders campaign.

It appeared to be the last straw for his supporters – with majority staging protests at this week’s convention and booing and jeering whenever Clinton’s name was mentioned.

“It just proved what we have suspected all along — that this primary has been rigged against Bernie by the DNC,” Sanders delegate Lauren Steiner said ahead of the convention.

Some delegations from states that supported Mr. Sanders planned walk-outs after the roll call was complete.

Hundreds of supporters also piled into media centre in protest over Clinton’s nomination, sitting in a silent protests, with tape reading “silenced” over their lips.