Hinterland home raided over cold case murder of Gold Coast mum

A MAJOR search is underway at a Gold Coast hinterland property this morning as police try to find the body of a local mother who disappeared more than eight years ago.

Tina Greer was just 32-years-old when she dropped her young daughter at a friend’s place before going heading west to Spicer’s Gap to visit her boyfriend, patched Finks bikie Les ‘Grumpy’ Sharman.

She was never seen again.


Earlier this year, Queensland Police offered a $250,000 reward for information which could help to close the case.

Today, Detective Inspector Damien Hansen of the Homicide Squad, confirmed they did receive a credible tip-off that lead them to search a Bonogin property this morning.

“It’s not just an anonymous tip-off .. this is something that’s really formed the basis of this investigation moving forward,” Det. Insp. Hansen said.

Officers, forensic crews, the dog squad and the SES are all involved in the massive search this morning, hoping to find Tina’s body and evidence of her murder.

“I’m very hopeful that we’ll locate [Tina’s body] and also very confident that we will be able to prosecute people for this offence,” Det. Insp. Hansen said.

Tina’s boyfriend at the time, Mr Sharman, was always treated as a person of interest by police but was never arrested before his death in a car crash in 2018.

“We believe that Sharman has been assisted by persons in the disposal of Tina’s body and the disposal of evidence that is linked to the murder,” Hansen said.

“With his passing, perhaps, people have been more willing to come forward.

Investigators believed Ms Greer was killed somewhere off the property before being brought there by Mr Sharman and other persons of interest and buried.

“I’m confident we know what happened .. she didn’t die here” Hansen said.