Hinterland horses need to be vaccinated against Hendra

HINTERLAND horse owners are once again being reminded to make sure their animals are vaccinated against the deadly Hendra virus.

A horse needed to be put down on a property near Bundaberg yesterday, after testing positive to the disease.

Bundaberg vet Andrew Marland told the ABC, the sick animal was examined on Saturday and tests confirmed it was suffering from Hendra.


“It was a property (where the) owners had taken basically every precaution they could to avoid this from happening other than unfortunately vaccinate their horses,” Dr Marland said.

Queensland chief vet Rick Symons says it is the first case of Hendra virus detected in Queensland this year.

Dr Symons says there is one other horse on the affected property.

“Tracing and risk assessments are being undertaken on any animals that may have had contact with the infected horse to work out if further testing needs to be done,” Dr Symons said.

“The property has been quarantined which means restrictions apply to moving horses and horse materials on and off the property.”

“Vaccination is the single most effective way of reducing the risk of Hendra virus infection in horses.”

Last year, there were a number of recorded outbreaks across Queensland and northern New South Wales.