Historic Old Burleigh Theatre Arcade saved from demolition

The State Government has approved Council’s moves to save the Old Burleigh Theatre Arcade from being demolished.

Council acted swiftly after fears the 90-year-old site would be turned in a high-rise apartment building following its sale to a Sydney developer.

While no application for re-development had yet been lodged, the site’s new owners made it clear they wanted to maximise their return.


Chair of Council’s Planning Committee Cameron Caldwell confirmed last week they would move to implement a Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI).

That would prevent any immediate development and give Council time to amend local planning laws.

“Council recognises that this building has significant heritage value to the city, that’s something that we have determined, ” Councillor Caldwell said.

“We have accordingly decided that we should make changes to our planning scheme.”

State Development Minister Cameron Dick today confirmed the State Government had approved Council’s request.

“The Old Burleigh Theatre Arcade has significant historical and aesthetic values that we need to ensure aren’t lost with future development,” Mr Dick said.

“The building has been a social hub for the Burleigh Heads community for around 90 years, after starting its life as The De-Luxe picture theatre and dance hall in 1930.

“During this time, the TLPI ensures that the key historical elements of the building such as the façade cannot be demolished.

The TLPI will be in place for two years until planning laws are changed, giving some certainty to the restaurants and small businesses operating in the arcade.

Council has also nominated the Old Burleigh Theatre Arcade to be placed on the State Heritage Register.

That nomination is now being considered with the community and other parties urged to have their say.

“It’s important we ensure buildings like the Old Burleigh Theatre Arcade are here for future generations to enjoy as well.”

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Just NO
At the very least its UGLY.
THE ugliest building on the GC.
Its also a fire trap and full of asbestos.
Take it down, put in a high rise with the same internal features on the bottom three levels.
This is just a crazy, ill-conceived decision.
Burleigh deserves much better !!

Peder…so many places we could take this!

you obviously are NOT a Gold Coaster born . This building has history! And it needs to STAY! Enough of the Gold Coast has been demolished for so called ‘progress’. Only to be replaced by square boxes, that are both unsafe and unsightly. Alot cracking and unsafe, leaving sooo many investors and owners out of pocket. What IS ugly, is what replaces historical buildings that get torn down so swiftly. Respect the history of the Gold Coast. Protect our historical buildings.