Hitting the free holiday jackpot

I’ve decided I want a job with epics travel perks. There, I said it. I’m Gen Y and therefore I’m entitled simply by virtue of my DNA, so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that I want more – specifically, more cheap (free?) fun travel in my life!

But how does one get it?

I could look for work in the travel industry. My friend works for a major airline and as a result, she scores international flights to far-flung locations like London, Dubai and Los Angeles for as little as $300 (return).


She can fly her family of five to New Zealand and back for around $600… and yes, that price is for all of them.

Or hop aboard a business class flight to New York and get change from $1000. Yes please!

Sounds nice.

But what about free travel?

Another friend works in sales. He flies to Sydney and Melbourne every other week to attend conferences, workplace training and to visit head office.

He may not be jetting off to exotic international locations, but he’s earning enough frequent flyer points to plan some Very Exciting holidays during his annual leave. He only has to pay the taxes, which means he can book flights overseas for about 75% less than the full retail price.

Okay, that’s edging in the right direction.

But what about completely free holidays – where I don’t have to spend a cent of my own money on taxes, accommodation, car hire or meals?

That is the ultimate win when it comes to the holiday jackpot. And it seems like journalist Bronte Coy is the big winner here!

She recently scored an all expenses paid trip to London, England, on the purse of a major film company. The purpose of her trip: to promote the filming of King Arthur, a massive blockbuster film that hits cinemas later this month.

Bronte not only scored the free trip, she also got to dress up and become an action movie star for the day. All in the name of ‘work’.

That sounds like my kind of gig. Where do I sign up?!