Holiday horror as 37 people killed on Queensland roads

It’s been a horrible Christmas and New Year period on our roads, with 37 people losing their lives this festive season.

The shocking data was revealed by police today following the conclusion of Operation Sierra Noella, a road safety campaign targeting drivers over the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

The seven-week operation ran from December 9 to January 29, with 20 more people losing their lives on our roads this holiday period compared to the previous.


Acting Chief Superintendent Ray Rohweder said there was also a significant number of serious injuries.

“More than 1,700 people were injured in crashes across the holiday period, an increase of more than 200 on the same period last year,” Acting Chief Superintendent Rohweder said.

“A large portion of these injuries have consequences that people will have to live with for the rest of their lives.”

A whopping 150,851 offences were detected by police, an increase of more than 21,000 on the 2019/20 holiday period.

It’s understood speed, drug and drink driving were among the biggest offences.

“Nearly 15,000 infringements were issued to speeding drivers while almost 125,000 more were detected by speed cameras,” Acting Chief Superintendent Rohweder said.

“Speeding infringements were up by 31 per cent compared to last year, despite repeated appeals from police and an increasing number of lives lost.”

More than 145,000 roadside breath tests were conducted, with 2,133 drivers busted over the legal limit.

While around 4,391 drug tests were undertaken, with more than a quarter of drivers returning a positive result.

“These are very disappointing results and police will pay particular attention to drug driving during the next few months,” Acting Chief Superintendent Rohweder said.

“Our police see these reckless actions and their consequences every day.

“The decisions you make on the road can affect your life and the lives of those around you so it’s up to individuals to take responsibility,” he said.

Already this year, 29 lives have been lost on Queensland roads, an increase of 17 on 2020.

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Need to start from scratch.
Those found guilty of major traffic incidences should have their license revoked and made to apply again for a new one.
At the moment you get a fine and loose a few points.
Its not only the Police that see these poor driving skills on our roads, we see them too!