Hollywood royalty heading to Gold Coast to film blockbuster

The Gold Coast is set to benefit from another blockbuster production, and this time – Hollywood royalty is coming our way.

Julia Roberts and George Clooney are set to descend on Queensland later this year to film the upcoming ‘Ticket To Paradise’ project.

It’s set to be a romantic comedy about a divorced couple who follow their daughter to Bali to stop her from making a big mistake.


The project will be filmed on the Gold Coast, around the Whitsundays and in Brisbane.

Secured by the Queensland Government via Screen Queensland’s Production Attraction Strategy, the production is set to be worth around $32.7 million to the state economy, with a significant amount of that set for the Gold Coast.

It’ll also provide around 1,000 local jobs.

The film’s Producer Tim Bevan says he’s thrilled to be bringing ‘Ticket to Paradise’ to Queensland.

“We are making a movie about paradise, and Queensland certainly offers up many stunning locations. We are looking forward to working with fantastic Queensland crews, and to enjoying some famous Queensland hospitality,” Mr Bevan said.

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