Holy roses! We’ve just been given an air date for The Bachelor

Get the popcorn ready, Bachie fans.

It’s been a longgggg time coming, but the premiere date for the much-anticipated new season of The Bachelor Australia has finally been revealed.

Channel 10 unveiled the exciting news in a post on social media on Friday morning.


“Mark your calendar Australia, you’ve got a date with Locky,” the post reads.

“It all starts when The Bachelor Australia premieres Wednesday, 12 August at 7.30pm”.

This year’s season of The Bachelor Australia, starring Locky Gilbert from Survivor, is going to be very interesting given the fact that filming was halted 3/4 of the way through due to the coronavirus crisis.

It forced producers to come up with innovative new ways to keep the show rolling, including virtual single and group dates… so it’s fair to say this season is going to be like nothing we have ever seen before.

The reality TV hunk was announced as the Bachelor back in March, not long before the country was locked down amid the pandemic.

“I’ve done a lot of things in my life – jumping off mountains, jumping from buildings, scuba diving through shipwrecks – but being The Bachelor is the craziest thing I’ve ever done,” Locky said.

“I’m here to find love. I would love to get down on one knee at the end. I’m the kind of guy that would do it.”

Well you heard the man! Put your calls on hold, the drinks on ice and strap yourselves in for the first episode on Wednesday, August 12.

We have a feeling this may just be The Bachelor Australia’s biggest season yet.