“Holy sh**!” Ten lucky Queenslanders to share $60M lotto win

Not one, not two, but TEN lucky Queenslanders have woken up as millionaires after winning last night’s $60 million Powerball jackpot.

The players, who were part of a 10-share store syndicate, held the only division one winning entry across the whole country.

Each member of the syndicate, all from Townsville, will now take home a whopping $6 million each!


One man was busy watching the football when he was interrupted with a phone call from The Lott informing him about the life-changing news.

“Holy sh**! If it was raining movie stars, I’d end up with Lassie!” he said.

“You just ruined my good night’s sleep, but I think I can live with that.

“Put it this way, my children and grandchildren can live a very comfortable life now!”

Another player described the win as “surreal” and said it’s made her the “happiest person in the world”.

“Oh my god! You have no idea! I’ve got kids, grandkids, a beautiful husband, and a mortgage,” she said.

“I buy syndicate entries, especially for the big jackpots.

“My kids said to me today ‘if anyone’s going to win Powerball, it’s you!’.

While another said he plans to use his $6 million portion to retire early.

“Holy crap! When I heard the phone ring, I wondered who was calling this late,” he said.

“This probably changes my life a lot. I’ll probably retire tomorrow.

“This is just excellent!  You’ve astounded me. I might go have a beer to celebrate!”

The winning syndicate entry was sold at Nextra Willows News, with The Lott spokesperson Matt Hart urging anyone who bought a syndicate entry from there to check their tickets, as some of the entries were unregistered.

“There could be a few people waking up tomorrow morning and going about their day with no idea they’ve just won $6 million.

“If you purchased a syndicate entry from Nextra Willows News, make sure you check your tickets today!”