Homeless man almost bludgeoned to death with trolley in horror attack

A MAN has been arrested and charged with attempted murder after he allegedly tried to kill a homeless man in a horrifying attack in the heart of Sydney.

Police said the 38-year-old homeless man was sleeping on a bench in Hyde Park in the city’s CBD when he was brutally attacked by a stranger at around 5am on Sunday.

For no apparent reason, a 58-year-old man allegedly walked up to the 38-year-old while he was asleep and smashed a glass bottle in his face, slicing open his nose.


If that wasn’t shocking enough, the man then allegedly raised a small shopping trolley over the defenceless man’s head and repeatedly bludgeoned him with it.

A horrified bystander raced to the victim’s aid and intervened, using his pushbike to protect the injured man.

Police were called and officers swooped on the park where they arrested the 58-year-old.

He has since been charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent to murder.

The man has been remanded in custody and will appear before Central Local Court on Monday.

His victim remains in St Vincent’s Hospital with serious injuries, including bleeding on the lungs and brain.

Police do not believe the two men were known to each other prior to the incident.