Homeowners warned to be wary of ‘travelling traders’

HOMEOWNERS on the Gold Coast are being warned to be wary of travelling traders who knock on their door, offering cheap driveway repairs.

The Office of Fair Trading today confirmed it was aware of ‘itinerant traders’ targeting residents in Helensvale.

In a statement, the department warned money-hungry traders were operating as bitumen layers and leaving consumers out of pocket.


“The scammers vary their approaches and mix and match their sales pitches depending on what they think will work with the particular consumers they are targeting,” the statement said.

“Often they claim they have bitumen left over from another job and so they can offer it at a ‘cheap price today only.

“Sometimes watered down bitumen is laid on ungraded or poorly graded ground and consumers find themselves out of pocket twice as they later have to pay another trader to have it removed and replaced.”

The OFT said other times traders simply take large deposits and never return to carry out the work.

“On other occasions, the traders initially quote a low cost then a much higher payment is demanded during the work for it to be completed.”

“Consumers sometimes comply because if the work isn’t finished they can’t get their car out of the garage. They have no way to get a refund as these types of traders usually vanish.”

If you think you have seen these traders, contact the Office of Fair Trading on 13 QGOV (13 74 68).