‘Hoon’ P-plater has car impounded just minutes before his birthday

A P-PLATER has had his car impounded just minutes before his birthday after he was allegedly caught hooning down a Melbourne highway at hair-raising speeds overnight.

Police say they spotted the 19-year-old driver tearing down the Calder Freeway in North Keilor, in the city’s northwest, at around 11.45pm.

Officers allegedly clocked the teen doing 158km/h in a 100 zone along a straight stretch of the highway near Organ Pipes Road.


Police intercepted the young driver without incident and impounded his car for a minimum of 30 days.

“Unluckily for the driver, he was just 15 minutes out from his 19th birthday,” police said in a statement.

“Instead of receiving a gift, he has handed his Mazda 3 keys over to police.

The young man, from Pascoe Vale South, is expected to be charged on summons with traffic-related offences.