Hop-on and off with Hopo: Gold Coast’s new public ferry service

All aboard!

The wait is finally over Gold Coasters, the city’s first ever public ferry service is about to set sail, just in time for Christmas.

The much-anticipated ferry service, named HOPO for ‘hop on, hop off’, will officially launch on December 8, giving locals and tourists the chance to make their way around the city via our stunning waterways.


After all, who wouldn’t want to ditch their car and traffic for a scenic ride on the water?

The new ferry service, which has been developed in partnership with the State Government, the Gold Coast Waterways Authority, Maritime Safety Queensland, Water Police, Marina Mirage and Sea World, aims to increase the transport options available to Gold Coasters.

“It’s part of our transport plan to ensure the Gold Coast is a connected city where people regularly make sustainable travel choices,” City of Gold Coast said.

“With nine times more waterways than Venice, it makes perfect sense to provide Gold Coast locals and visitors the option to travel around our city while enjoying our beautiful waterways.”

As the name suggests, the ferry service will operate as a ‘hop-on, hop-off’ system, with all-day unlimited ticketing options available, as well as single-use tickets from as little as $5.

With ferry stops at a number of popular Gold Coast destinations including Sea World, Broadwater Parklands, Marina Mirage, HOTA, and Appel Park in Surfers Paradise, it won’t be too hard trying to catch a ride either!

For more information on the new City of Gold Coast Ferry Service, click here.

This is a sponsored editorial brought to you by City of Gold Coast


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The Broadwater is a beautiful asset and great for sightseeing.
It could have potential as a commuter option once the timetable and fare structure reflects this as it does in other cities including Venice.
Time will tell.
It may have more “canal-like ” watermiles than Venice, but, alas, any other comparison sadly stops there.

The concept is great, however, the lack of integration to the Translink fare structure will be a long term detriment to the success of the service.

Translink (bus/tram/train) fares are as expensive enough as it is. Hopo fares are more expensive again, the price for a family is higher again than taking the tram or bus.

Unless the Hopo operators have deep pockets and a sustained desire to remain in the market, it may not be continue long term.

Great Idea but unfortunately the fares are way too high, it would work out cheaper for my family of 4 adults to get an Uber or bus from Surfers to Seaworld than the ferry, yes going by the waterway woild be lovely but as locals would be very costly over time

This is a tax payers waste of money there are all enough tourist yachts on the broadwater this new fery flop becomes very frustrating for the marina mirage live aboards in clueding me it comes every 20 minutes past 5 meters from my yacht not happy with that and that continues from 7 till 8.30 at night not impressed with this situation

Ben, make sure you email TMR and GCWA along with contacting water police about your experience. Better regulation and enforcement might be needed. Local MP JP Langbroek may be worth contacting to advocate on your behalf as this is a state matter.

Im watching the ferries for a few days no passengers on board still making around at the marina mirage and the toxic fumes comes in my yacht that’s another problem that arise please council do something about this other wise it become a political case.

The ferry service is another great initiative.
1) The purpose built craft leave little wake and in the interests of a better commercial service, it would seem logical to allow an increase of speed by the professional operators in the wider expenses of Broadwater than the current general limit
2) Additional stops, of the HAIL ME type would add value. An additional stop could be at the exisiting pontoon on the west end of Pelican Beach, near Sundale Bridge and close therefore to Tedder Avenue and The Main Beach G Link station.