Horrible Heat help Gold Coast to Bash Big

THE Gold Coast may have a slight reputation as a sporting franchise graveyard, but surely we could do a better job in the Big Bash League than the Brisbane Heat!

That’s right, I said it.

The Heat have been stinking up the cricket pitch all summer long.


It is time we Gold Coasters got our chance!

Gold Coast cricket fans have tried for several years now to get a BBL franchise on the glitter strip, but thus far no argument has appealed to Cricket Australia.

After this season, perhaps Gold Coast cricketing and corporate bigwigs should be demanding the Heat’s licence.

The lack of respect the Heat ‘batsmen’ have showed for the game and the competition has been embarrassing.

If it wasn’t for Grandfather Time of Queensland cricket James Hopes, the side would be getting booed off the field each match.

I really do feel a little sorry for Stuart Law – as much as a Gold Coaster can feel sorry for anything that happens to a brisso.

Surely now, after such a woeful season by the Heat, the Gold Coast must be looked to as a viable option for expansion for next season.

If not expansion then perhaps we should simply ask for the Heat’s franchise seeing as they don’t really look like they want it.

The pitch would be easy enough – just use the ‘we can’t be worse than Brisbane’ argument.

And even if we are hopeless, it is still a better option.

Surely teams would rather travel to the sunny Gold Coast to beat the snot out of the local side rather than Brisbane.

It is a shorter plane trip for one.

Secondly we have a great nightlife for when they inevitably finish the game early, having bowled out the local side for some paltry sum (like 80 for example).

And they could go for a nice surf in the morning before their flight back home…

Does that sound like a great time of what?

Ok, so I am probably getting into the realm of wishful thinking wanting a GC franchise as well as NO Brisbane one.

Fine, the Heat can stay, and continue to stink up the competition with their lacklustre fielding, sloppy bowling and completely disrespectful batting.

But in the name of the Warney and the Pigeon, give the Gold Coast a team!

Hobart got one! Aren’t there more people in Elanora than there are in Hobart?

Whatever is decided during the cleanup of this disaster of a season for the Heat, one thing is clear – if the Hurricanes can attract West Indians to Hobart then I feel confident that a Gold Coast BBL franchise would be able to fill a roster brimming with local and overseas talent.

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