Horrific Southport torture case continues in court

UPDATE: The youngest of four men accused of brutally torturing another man inside a Southport home last week has been refused bail after facing court this morning.

The Bulletin reports the Magistrate rejected the 17-year-old’s bail application after the court heard the horrific details of the teenagers alleged key involvement in the group attack.

It is alleged the teen struck the victim’s hip with a hammer up to 10 times, placed jumper leads on his nipples and forced him to drink a cup of urine. It is further alleged he attempted to remove the victim’s tooth with pliers and tied a rope around the his genitals and pulled on it.


Police charged four men with torture, deprivation of liberty, assault and sexual assault over the weekend following investigations into the alleged nine-hour ordeal which is believed to have taken place after an 18th birthday party last Thursday night.

An 18-year-old co-accused also appeared in Southport Magistrates Court this morning, but his case was adjourned to Friday.

A 20-year-old man was denied bail after facing court on Monday, while a second 18-year-old never even considered applying for release.

They will return to court on March 27.

EARLIER: Two of the four men accused of allegedly torturing and sexually assaulting an 18-year-old man inside a Gold Coast home last week will face court today.

Police allege a group of four men, aged between 17 and 20, tied up the Kingston man inside a Southport home after an 18th birthday party last Thursday night and repeatedly physically and sexually assaulted him over a period of nine hours.

The men appeared in Southport Magistrates Court on Monday, each charged with one count of torture, assault occasioning bodily harm, deprivation of liberty and sexual assault whilst armed in company.

The court heard the victim was tied up and burnt with cigarettes during the “horrific” ordeal, which was partially filmed. It is alleged attempts were also made to pull out the teenagers teeth.

A 20-year-old man was denied bail while another 18-year-old never even considered applying. They will both return to court on March 27.

The other two co-accused, aged 17 and 18, are expected to apply for bail when they appear in Southport Magistrates court today.

The Bulletin reports the victim may have had a connection to his alleged attackers through his girlfriend.