HORROR FOOTAGE | Young kids jump 10 metres out of burning apartment

WARNING – DISTRESSING FOOTAGE | Video footage out of France today has shown the horror moments two children jumped multiple storeys out of an apartment that was on fire.

The kids, believed to be three and 10-years-old, were reportedly locked inside an apartment in the south-eastern city of Grenoble on July 22.

Incredible footage shows the dramatic moment that neighbours beckon to the kids from the concrete below to jump from the window.


One is seen hanging from the window, as black smoke billows out of the apartment, before dropping some ten metres to the arms of people below.

A second child then jumps, with the group catching him and then falling to the ground.

Each time, screams echo through the court yard, with dozens looking on in horror.

Local media reports the boys weren’t injured in the fall, but may have suffered smoke inhalation from the fire.

They were hospitalised along with 17 neighbours from the building, and four people from the group catching the boys.

Watch the horrifying footage below.