Horror moment police are set upon by man with ‘large knife’

Confronting body-cam vision has been released, showing the terrifying moment two police officers were set upon by a group of people in Newcastle, including a man armed with a large knife.

Police were called to Fowler Street around 2.00pm yesterday, following reports of a number of people brawling in the street.

Whilst attempting to pull over near the crowd, a 28-year-old man allegedly approached the driver’s side window of the police vehicle while armed with a large knife.


It’s understood the police officer had his window down to speak with the man when he allegedly raised the knife towards him.

In the vision, the officer’s partner can be seen jumping out of the vehicle and can be heard calling for the man to drop the knife, before he’s thrown to the ground and placed under arrest.


Whilst arresting the man, a second man can then be seen approaching the officers, forcing them to deploy OC spray whilst desperately calling for back up.

Further police arrived a short time later and both men, aged 28 and 35, were arrested and taken to Newcastle Police Station.

The 28-year-old man was charged with using an offensive weapon with intent to commit indictable offence, while the 35-year-old was charged with affray and hinder police.

Investigations are continuing to identify and locate a third man, who allegedly fled after kicking the door of the police car.

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