Horror stingray injury lands Qld teacher in hospital

A Queensland teacher’s relaxing school holiday break turned into a nightmare when he accidentally stood on a stingray while walking in shallows off Cape York.

The Queensland Ambulance Service shared graphic photos of the aftermath of the accident to social media on Wednesday.

“One souvenir you don’t want to come home with when visiting the Tip of Australia is a stingray barb, especially one lodged in your leg!” Queensland Ambulance Service said alongside images of the barb.


“Recently, teacher Liam was enjoying his school holiday break and whilst walking in the shallows accidentally stood on a stingray,” QAS continued.

“Both Liam and the stingray got quite the fright and the barb became lodged in Liam’s calf.”

Liam was treated by paramedics on the scene before being taken to Bamaga Hospital.

He was then airlifted to Cairns for surgery.

Thankfully, the teacher is now home safe and well with an unusual story for show and tell.

The incident has prompted authorities to issue a reminder about what to do if you ever come into contact with a stingray.

“A tip from the Tip is to create noise and vibrations when walking in shallows to warn stingrays and keep your eyes peeled for sea creatures,” Queensland Ambulance said.

“If you ever find yourself on the end of a stingray barb, the best antidote for the pain from their toxin is to submerge the affected area in hot (not boiling) water, as you can see by the innovative use of the green bins by the staff at Bamaga Hospital.”