Hospital parking just got a little cheaper for some people on the Gold Coast

IT’ll cost a few dollars less for patients and carers to park at public hospitals across Queensland from today.

Patients and carers experiencing hardship or needing a long stay in hospital will now have the cost of their parking subsidised thanks to a $7.5 million four-year plan announced by the Palaszczuk Government in July.

The plan will see twelve public hospitals across the state with paid parking provide patients, pensioners, carers and seniors with access to an extra 100,000 cheaper car parks.


That includes both the Gold Coast University Hospital and the Robina Hospital.

Gold Coast Health says advertised parking rates will apply for the first hour before the concession rate kicks it.

But even then, the concession will only reduce the total parking fee by $5 at the Uni Hospital and $2 at Robina.

$5 off a day and $2 off a day? Is that all that could be done for people in need?,” Belinda Davis wrote on Facebook.

“That would still be over $100 a week for some people. Surely the people who really need the concession could have a better reduction in fees?,” A frustrated Ms Davis went on to say.

The lower rates will be made available to all pensioners, seniors, health care card holders and anyone who needs to attend either hospital two or more times a week for specialist treatment.

Anyone needing an extended stay in either hospital for palliative care (end-stage), coronary care, intensive care in the ICU or Children’s Critical Care Unit and rehabilitation will also be eligible.

Patients receiving ongoing cancer or renal Dialysis treatment, and carers in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit will also be able to apply.

The cost and availability of public parking at the Gold Coast Uni Hospital has been an issue since it opened in 2013.

Those wanting to claim discounted parking should complete the application form and submit it to the relevant Ward Clerk, Social Worker of the inpatient department or Nurse Unit Manager.

For the Gold Coast University Hospital, approved application forms will need to be presented to the Front Reception desk in order to collect a single-use follow-on ticket.

The follow-on ticket will then need to be inserted after the parking ticket at the Auto Pay Station, located in the carpark, to receive the concession rate.

For the Robina Hospital, approved forms need to be presented to the Parking Office or Reception for validation.

Similar to the Unit hospital, the parking ticket will then need to be inserted at the Auto Pay Station, located at the exit to the hospital, to receive the concession rate.

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You may be eligible for concessional parking if you meet any one of the following criteria:

  • If you are a holder of a current Commonwealth:
    • Pensioner Concession Card
    • Seniors Health Card
    • Low Income Health Care Card
  • If you need to attend the hospital two or more times per week for specialist treatment. You will be eligible for a parking concession after seven days from your first attendance.
  • If you need extended hospital admission. You will be eligible for a parking concession after seven days for the following services:
    • Palliative Care End Stage
    • Coronary Care Unit
    • Intensive Care Unit / Children’s Critical Care Unit
    • Rehabilitation Support.
  • If you are an ongoing Cancer, Haematology and Renal Dialysis treatment patient or a Newborn Intensive Care Unit carer. Concessional parking will be on application to the Social Worker or Nurse Unit Manager