Hospital ramping crisis ‘costing Gold Coast lives’: Opposition

The ramping crisis in Queensland hospitals has turned to tragedy with a person reportedly dying on the Gold Coast.

The state opposition revealed in parliament on Wednesday that a person on the Gold Coast waited more than two hours for an ambulance despite suffering from life-threatening sepsis.

According to information provided by paramedics to Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates, the person died 20 minutes after arriving at Gold Coast University Hospital.


“Sepsis is a life-threatening organ failure so it’s a primary cause of death from infection and the mortality rate is about 40 per cent,” Ms Bates said.

“The poor person and the family having to go through that let alone the paramedics arriving too late to the scene and then by that stage there’s not much that you can do.”

Queensland Health has been contacted for comment.

The state opposition used Question Time to raise several other reported instances of serious medical issues resulting from ramping in hospitals across Queensland.

But Health Minister Yvette D’ath accused the opposition of ‘playing politics.’

It comes as the Gold Coast University Hospital endures its third straight day on the equivalent of ‘Code Yellow’ with no beds available.

Sick patients are reportedly waiting for hours in corridors, holding up paramedics from attending other jobs across the city.

“They are stretched to the limit, there are no beds, staff are beside themselves and they’ve just about had enough,” Ms Bates said.

The Opposition warns there will be more deaths unless drastic action is taken.

“I’m absolutely terrified for the poor paramedics who are having to deal with this,” Ms Bates said.

The state government announced on Tuesday a $100 million package to try and alleviate the problem in the southeast.

But there was no money for either Gold Coast University Hospital or Robina Hospital.

“Gold Coasters should see that as a slap in the face. There’s not one cent of that $100 million going to GCUH which is the busiest ED in the country,” Ms Bates said.

The Premier also announced on Wednesday that she wants seven planned satellite hospitals to be built within two years.

One of those satellite hospitals has been earmarked for the southern Gold Coast.

A new public hospital is also being planned for the northern Gold Coast with the facility proposed for Coomera.

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A complete utter f***ing shambles, but we can build stadiums with taxpayers dollars! 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

No we can bid for the Olympic games this government only knows how to spend on not essential things health is not there main concern.

Simply disallow people who turn up with issues that they can present to their GP for. The hospital triage need to somehow STOP unnecessary walk-in idiots who don’t need to be at A&E and wasting valuable resources.