Hospital reports reveal Kimbo Slice was in desperate need of a new heart

It’s been revealed MMA fighter Kimbo Slice was in a shocking state of health and was told he needed a heart transplant in the days before his death.

Hospital reports claim the 42-year-old legend, whose real name was Kevin Ferguson, was admitted to Northwest Medical Centre on June 3 complaining of severe abdominal pain, shortness of breath and nausea.

It’s understood he was told he had a liver mass and congestive heart failure and placed on a ventilator in intensive care.


He was due to be transported to a clinic in Cleveland and be placed on an organ donor’s list but he passed away on Tuesday.

According to TMZ, the report noted that Slice did not have a history of illicit drug use and trauma and foul play were not suspected in his death.

The Medical Examiner’s office’s says the report shows why they decided not complete an autopsy.

“We were informed of his death and after review of the circumstances, we declined jurisdiction,” the office told TMZ.

“It is not a medical examiner case … No medical legal investigation, including toxicology is necessary.”

Slice left behind a wife and six children.