Hospital staff will resign if CEO is cleared: Local MP

MEDICAL STAFF at Gold Coast University Hospital will resign in light of a leaked report that the CMC is likely to clear the CEO Ron Calvert of official misconduct, says member for Gaven Dr Alex Douglas.

In November 2013, Mr Douglas asked the Premier about the progress of an investigation into the hospital’s CEO.

This week, the Premier confirmed Queensland Health had referred the complaints to the CMC, but the Gold Coast Bulletin revealed that Mr Calvert was likely to be cleared of any wrong doing.


Mr Douglas said if this was the case, many more senior medical staff would walk out the door, following the resignations of all directors of all major departments, from the medical superintendent down, in 2013 – including the director of radiology who resigned in the new year.

“Just because the CMC leaked the verdict that says the hospital CEO has not done anything they think is illegal, does not mean what Mr Calvert did was right,” Mr Douglas said.

“Such outcome will see many more senior medical staff resign.”

“It says much of what is wrong in the Gold Coast University Hospital when it appears that a hospital administrator can oversee all manner of disasters and not be held to account for these.

“If the offensive contracts that the Health Minister champions as the greater solution to future staff employment in Queensland Health were not bad enough, this outcome of the CMC is probably the icing on the cake.

“If the strategy is to deplete the new hospital of senior medical and nursing staff to complement the fact the hospital is 350 beds short of what it should have been, then the Health Minister and Hospital CEO will have achieved the ability to produce endless budget surpluses from the hospital budget.

“It’s easy to produce medical budget surpluses when you don’t treat patients fully. Just having patients pass through accident and emergency at the hospital is not fully treating a person.

“The standards required at a major hospital administration in Queensland are high and the hospital CEO’s performance has not reached that level.

“Hospital staff are now voting with their feet. Patients don’t have that option.”