Hot Tomato’s Galey to tackle ‘wheelie’ big challenge to raise funds for domestic violence victims

May is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and to help raise awareness and funds to help locals experiencing DV, Hot Tomato breakfast announcer Galey is set to undertake a wheelie big walking challenge.

The radio announcer announced on-air this morning that he will walk the streets of the Gold Coast for 12 hours next Thursday 27 May with a wheelie bin in tow, to encourage locals to dig deep and donate to Hearts Of Purple.

The local charity will then use the funds to purchase special security watches, which are provided to local women in high risk situations.


The watches, which cost over $1000 each, sound alerts and contact emergency services with the push of a button.

Michelle Beattie from Hearts Of Purple told Galey, Emily Jade & Christo the watches provide victims with increased security.

“We don’t put a watch on a girl and go ‘hey, this is going to save your life’. We put a watch on a woman and go ‘this is part of your security plan, it is a tool to help you get assistance’,” she said.

“I still tell women they have to be hyper-vigilant, you still have to look over your shoulder, check everything, but if you see them, you press that button.

“Don’t wait until the last minute, you press it straight away, because at the end of the day, the police will rock up and if nothing has happened, they will be happy.”

Galey said he wanted to raise funds to purchase as many watches as possible.

“Hopefully we can raise enough funds to get more watches into the community, because every watch may save a life and every single life is so important,” said Galey.

Listen to the chat with Michelle from Hearts of Purple below.

Galey To The Rescue: Wheelie Walk For Watches will take place on Thursday 27 May from 7am to 7pm.

Click here to donate.

Galey To The Rescue Walk For Watches