Hotel quarantine now mandatory for some Sydney travellers to Qld

Anyone arriving in Queensland who has been to a COVID-19 exposure site in Sydney is being forced into hotel quarantine for two weeks.

The new measure, announced by the State’s top doctor on Thursday, kicked in at 1.00am on Friday and is now mandatory.

It comes as the sunshine state attempts to limit the risk of the virus potentially leaking from NSW into Queensland.


Authorities in Sydney are still desperately trying to track down the missing link in their latest coronavirus scare, which has seen a couple from the eastern suburbs mysteriously infected.

Health experts believe they have the same virus strain as a returned traveller from the US, but they are yet to work out exactly how or where they contracted it.

Those already in Queensland who have been in Sydney since April 27 are being urged to remain alert to symptoms and get tested immediately if they develop.

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While the Health Minister is also urging people planning on travelling to Sydney in the coming days to think twice, with authorities not ruling out a hard closure should the situation worsen.

“We would say to people in Queensland that if you were considering travelling to Greater Sydney over the next few days, that you should consider your plans because we don’t know what’s going to evolve over the next few days,” Health Minister Yvette D’ath said.

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And everyone is b****ing to bring back people from India so we can all go into lockdown.
Get real people!
We have managed to minimize the spread due to closed borders.
Now all those that decided to travel overseas against Government warnings are now seeing the true potential of this virus and want to come home where its safe and services free of charge to deal with it.

“The States top doctor” what a joke.
Thank goodness she is not a brain surgeon!

She looks like a trans**ual! 🤣😆😂

Get on with vaccinating everyone and then you will have NO more reasons to stop people flying abroad, oh sorry I forgot you like to control the people with scare tactics

Would like to know if these people have been stuck there since the get go, or have been allowed to return there for some reason.

I stopped traveling to Labor run states ages ago now! Not a cent of my hard earned money will ever go to Labor-run states out of my back pocket onwards, when I am on holidays! I will never ever end the embargoes and sanctions – until they vote LNP (that will be decades). ➡️