Hottest day in three months tipped for the Gold Coast

THE Gold Coast’s run of picture-perfect weather is set to continue, with the city starring down the barrel of what is tipped to be its hottest day since before winter began.

The mercury is expected to soar to 27 degrees in Surfers Paradise and 28 in Nerang on Thursday.

If the forecast holds, it’ll be the hottest day residents on the Gold Coast have endured in three months.


The last time it got that hot on the Coast was on May 4 when the mercury peaked at 27.7 at the Seaway.

Thursday’s forecast for Nerang (Source: Bureau of Meteorology)

Thursday’s forecast for Surfers Paradise (Source: Bureau of Meteorology)

Daytime temperatires, however, will drop back to around 25 degrees along the Coast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, before plummeting even further on Monday.

The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting top temps of just 20 degrees along the beach on Monday, followed by high’s of 23 on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Nighttime temperatures will remain cool, with lows of around 9-10 degrees forecast for most nights.

The overnight lows will, however, drop from next Tuesday as well, with residents tipped to wake up to just seven degrees in Surfers Paradise – five degrees in Nerang.

Despite the cool starts to the day, the sun will continue to dominate the sky for at least the next week, with no rain on the horizon.