House-fire claims a life north of the Gold Coast

ONE person has been killed after a house erupted into flames north of the Gold Coast this morning.

Following what is thought to have been an 18th birthday celebration the night before, a single-story home on Oscar Street in Kingston was destroyed when fire tore through the property just before 5am on Saturday.

A body was found in the living room of the home during a primary search.


The victims age and sex is not yet known.

Station Officer Tom Constable told Channel Seven it was initially reported up to seven people were missing in the fire, however a secondary search of the property confirmed that was not the case.

Neighbours have told reporters they tried to extinguish the flames with hoses as they frantically tried to help the person who was trapped inside.

It’s believed two other men were injured when they smashed windows to enter the house. They were believed to have been sleeping on the verandah outside of the home at the time when they heard the roar of the fire.

Firefighters are investigating the cause of the fire.