How a cartoon character helped a boy beat the bullies

A young Gold Coaster has come up with a novel way to tackle depression.

Sam Degen hit rock bottom after being targeted by bullies at school, even writing to his mum to say he was going to hang himself from a tree.

Then Sam realised that a pen and paper could get him out of strife and Dead Ted was born.


dead ted

“Dead Ted just came about just me just drawing just random little things but this one character that I just kept drawing was this little teddy bear that would get into these situations where he would be burnt, drowned, be ripped apart”…”became a bit of an outlet really”.

Sam said he wanted to deal with the bullying in a non-violent manner “just take it out on a fictional character, it wasn’t going to cause anybody else any pain or anything like that so I just took it out on him really”.

“I reckon everybody out there’s got their own unique way of venting how they’re feeling, whether it be through just writing something down like poetry or especially like drawing like I love to do” Sam added.

Dead Ted is aligned with a gold coast Mental health Organisation and has his own Facebook page.

sam and dead ted

Sam (pictured above with his creation )is also working on a website to help young people between 15-25 years suffering with a mental illness who don’t fit in with the mainstream methods offered online.

“We ‘get’ them and provide positive avenues of support. Through dark humour and
informative articles we hope to capture the real outsiders and deliver gateways, articles and useful tips to help them cope” Sam said.