How a pair of Airpods helped track down Gold Coast wanted man

A pair of stolen wireless headphones have helped police on the Gold Coast track down a man wanted on a return to prison warrant.

A victim of burglary contacted police to say his Apple Airpods had been stolen over the weekend, but that he’d used the ‘Find My’ app to track them to a location in Miami.

When Police attended the home, a man inside attempted to flee and they uncovered much more than they expected.


Superintendent Geoff Sheldon told the ABC the man tried to hide, before they realised he actually had a warrant out for his arrest.

“He’s gone up in the roof and time spent negotiating, trying to get him to come out of the roof,” Superintendent Sheldon says.

“Eventually, he’s come down and we’ve taken him into custody.”

Not only did police uncover the stolen Airpods, but amazingly thanks to the victim’s tracking, police made a further discovery.

“The car that was at the premises was full of stolen property,”

“So it was a nice little help from a piece of technology that kicked a goal for us.”

The man now faces burglary charges.