How Brisbane’s ‘poo jogger’ was caught out by super sleuth

The man who flushed out Brisbane’s infamous ‘poo jogger’ admits he regrets that the culprit has had to resign from his executive job.

Steve from Greenslopes teamed up with a neighbour to track down the person who had been leaving a ‘present’ on the footpath outside their complex.

“If it was once or twice I would just kind of shrug it off … but it was just so blatant and regular,” Steve told The Courier Mail.


Steve and his neighbour used a wireless night-vision camera with motion sensors to get a timeline of when the ‘poo jogger’ was leaving his mark, before getting in their cars and following him.

“To start with, it was trying to ID him so we’d go for a little drive then park, did he run past? Where did he go?” Steve explained.

“Through a process of elimination we figured out the route where he was running and we narrowed it down to where he lived.”

“I said to my neighbour ‘don’t approach the police yet, let me get a clear photo so when you go to them it’s all laid out for them’.”

After six days on their ‘stake-out’ they snapped a clear photo of a stunned middled-aged man, with his pants down around his ankles and toilet paper at the ready!

The defecating man, Andrew Douglas Macintosh, this week resigned from his national role at retirement village giant Aveo, after being charged with public nuisance.

The charge will be dropped from court, after the 64-year-old elected to pay a $378 fine that carries no conviction.

Steve told The Courier Mail it was “disappointing” to hear Macintosh had left his job, but his behaviour had been “not pleasant at all”.