How Clive Palmer will float third class Titanic adventure

It sounds like a new reality TV series waiting to happen…

Clive Palmer needs to convince up to 1000 travelers to WANT to live like paupers in cramped quarters, eating stew and potatoes and sharing bathrooms when he launches the Titanic II on its maiden commercial voyage from Southampton to New York in 2017.

The eccentric Gold Coast billionaire has replicated the ill-fated ship right down to the cabin designs of first, second and third class.

ARTICLE CONTINUES AFTER THIS ADVERTISEMENT reports, to be true to the original design the first class cabins will boast an opulence long gone from the cruise industry, which can no longer make a commercial return on mahogany-lined mini-mansions.

The Titanic allowed for around 2500 passengers with around 1000 in first class, 500 in second class and 1000 in third class.

“First class on the Titanic was truly unbelievable, second class was like our first class and third class – well third class was really third class,” Mr Palmer said.

Beds with no sheets or pillow cases measured less than 60cm in width while hundreds shared bathrooms and recreation was limited to a few beery Irish jigs.

The ever optimistic Mr Palmer sees the poverty of the hopeful early 20th-century immigrants to the US at the centre of a marketing plan, with an adventure holiday component which stresses the pain will last only five or six days.

“We might offer to recreate the experience of those hopeful immigrants to America,” he said.

It will even include making sure third class passengers are deloused when they get to New York.

“We might spray them with a hose full of confetti but they will have to have the experience.”