How did I get so late to this party?

It seems I’ve been living under a rock, as I only recently found out about the Animal Planet’s incredible Puppy Bowl.

It celebrated its 11th outing this year. That’s how late I am to this party.

For those who’ve been living a sheltered existence with me, the Puppy Bowl is basically the Super Bowl but with puppies, as an alternative for people who don’t want to watch football. For extra brownie points, all of the puppies that compete in the Puppy Bowl are from animal shelters.


During the game, dogs of all shapes and sizes run around a miniature stadium chasing toys and ‘scoring goals’. It’s adorable, funny and many would argue, much more interesting than the Super Bowl.

ASB Bank in New Zealand got in on the action in their own way, when they replaced ball boys (a job traditionally performed by humans) with dogs in a promotional tennis match between Venus Williams and Svetlana Kuznetsova.

It’s got me thinking; I reckon it would be great to try revamping some of our TV shows and sporting events with some puppy stand ins.

There’s already a Live Puppy Cam, which is basically the canine version of our own Big Brother.

And we could restyle The Project; American talk-show host Conan O’Brian actually featured a puppy version of his show a couple of years ago, with quite amusing results.

I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here could include a cluster of famous people’s pooches thrown together, forced to spend their days trotting on un-manicured lawns eating supermarket-bought tinned dog food (shudder!).

Taking some inspiration from the game that inspired all this, we could stage the Puppy State of Origin, where shelter dogs from Queensland and New South Wales battle it out on the field for glory

There could even be a Puppy Parliament: it would feature a group of dogs mingling about in a miniature House of Reps, just barking at each other all day, but never actually getting anything done.

The possibilities are endless!

And for the most part, they’re far more entertaining than the drivel currently served up on prime-time TV.

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