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How Gold Coasters voted in the 2020 State Election

The State election has delivered a mixed bag on the Gold Coast with major swings towards some MPs while others seats are still too close to call. 

Anger over border closures on the Gold Coast have failed to translate into significant votes for the LNP. 

The seats of Currumbin, Burleigh and Coomera remain too close to call. 


In Currumbin, the LNP’s Laura Gerber edged ahead of Labor’s Kaylee Campradt late Saturday night. 

Ms Gerber had 40 per cent of the first preference vote with Ms Campradt securing 35 per cent with preferences set to decide the winner. 

The Greens have polled just over 9 per cent of the vote, while Richard Stuckey, the husband of former Currumbin MP Jann Stuckey has polled just over 5 per cent. 

Both the Greens and Mr Stuckey have directed their preferences to Labor. 

At the close of counting Ms Gerber was 268 votes ahead after preferences.

Ms Gerber was remaining positive that she could hold on. 

“There was a massive turnout for pre-poll and the postal vote is really large too so I think it’s way too close to call,” Ms Gerber said.

“But I’m really excited and I’m really happy, I’m feeling confident and I’m really hoping Currumbin will return me to the seat.”

The race for Burleigh is neck and neck with sitting LNP MP Michael Hart in the fight of his political life. 

At one stage Mr Hart led Labor’s Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew by just 11 votes, but had increased that lead to 547 at the close of counting. 

Mr Bartholomew admits it’s going to come down to the wire. 

“Look it’s going to be super close. I come from sport a long time ago but I really always enjoy being a contender, it’s an exciting place to be a contender, you’re in with a shot when you’re a contender and that’s where I am right now,” Mr Bartholomew told Nine. 

In Coomera, the LNP’s Michael Crandon had edged in front of Labor’s Chris Johnstone after trailing for most of the night. 

At the close of counting, Mr Crandon was ahead by 789 votes. 

In the seat of Theodore, the LNP’s Mark Boothman looked in some trouble last night but had stretched his lead to 1103 votes at the close of counting. 

In the Gold Coast’s most marginal seat of Gaven, sitting Labor MP Meaghan Scanlon has easily retained her seat with a massive swing towards her. 

With 38 per cent of the vote counted, Ms Scanlon secured 47.9 per cent of the first preference vote, while the LNP’s Kirsten Jackson only managed 32.9 per cent.

“Obviously there’s still a number of votes to come in from pre-poll and postal but we’re very happy at the numbers we’re seeing this evening so incredibly grateful for the support of our community, Ms Scanlon told myGC. 

“We’ve been working really hard in the electorate for the last three years, I know this community well and I’m incredibly privileged to continue to represent it for the next four years.” 

“We campaigned heavily on things like making sure we’re expanding our health care services, getting the M1 upgrades, the construction of the light rail, school upgrades, the list goes on, and I think people have put their trust in our government to continue that work for the next four years.” 

Sam O’Connor has turned the marginal seat of Bonney into a safe LNP seat. 

Mr O’Connor has secured 54.5 per cent of the first preference vote, a swing to him of more than 10 per cent one of the biggest in the state. 

Labor’s Ash Borg was on 31.6 per cent of the vote.

Mudgeeraba MP Ros Bates enjoyed a swing towards her to retain her seat. 

David Crissafulli easily retained the safe LNP seat of Broadwater, securing 57.7 per cent of the first preference vote with 25 per cent counted. 

John-Paul Langbroek in Surfers Paradise, Ray Stevens in Mermaid Beach and Rob Molhoek in Southport all suffered swings against them but have retained their seats.

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