How to avoid the top 10 resume mistakes

Post by Monique Jeremiah – Exceptional Tuition and Resumes

THESE are the common errors which jobseekers should aim to avoid when writing and submitting their resume for a prospective position.

[signoff icon=”icon-doc”]1. Misspelling


The worst thing you can send your employer is a sloppy resume. Nothing says un-professional more than a misspelling. Proofread your resume a couple of times before sending it away, and have someone else take a look at it as well. Don’t simply rely on spell check.[/signoff]

[signoff icon=”icon-doc”]2. Attempting one size fits all

Employers want a resume that is tailored to their specific company and not one that’s going to be mass distributed. Writing a resume that is adapted to one specific job position will show that you have a genuine interest in the company. More than that, it will enhance your abilities to truly let your skills and accomplishments shine through in a way that’s appealing to the company.[/signoff]

[signoff icon=”icon-doc”]3. Employer or company info not included

Avoid addressing the employer as Dear Sir/Madame. Rather, make the effort to find the name of the hiring manager. This will give the employer immediate focus and your resume will be more visible in database searches. [/signoff]

[signoff icon=”icon-doc”]4. Not including a cover letter

Your cover letter will compliment your resume and should never be left out. It’s an opportunity for you to further extend and relate your skills and qualifications to the job position. Remember to tailor your cover letter to the specific company. This will show the employer that you’ve done your research.[/signoff]

[signoff icon=”icon-doc”]5. Meaningless career objectives

As much as your career objectives should focus on the kind of role that you’re seeking, more importantly they should match the job you’re applying for. Find out what the job position has to offer you as an employee, and adapt your objectives with that knowledge in mind.    [/signoff]

[signoff icon=”icon-doc”]6. Lack of key words

The hiring manager wants to see how well you’ve done your homework. If you’ve researched the company enough, you know what language to use in your resume. Include words that are frequently used on their website. This is a tactic self-invitation to a possible interview and should not be taken carelessly.   [/signoff]

[signoff icon=”icon-doc”]7. Poor formatting

Keep your resume fresh and clean, in other words, keep it professional. It should be aesthetically easy to scan, download and upload. The content won’t get any attention if the format is too distracting. Avoid including boxes, unusual fonts, indenting and using bright pink coloured papers.[/signoff]

[signoff icon=”icon-doc”]8. Lying/misleading information

This is an inevitable mistake. You don’t want to misrepresent yourself by “stretching the truth.” Instead, be true to yourself and think about how your key skills and achievements can be related to the position you’re applying for. [/signoff]

[signoff icon=”icon-doc”]9. Inaccurate dates

If the dates on your resume aren’t correct, your employer will most likely assume that your resume is out-dated. Keep it as a rule to update your resume, as well as the date, at least every three months.   [/signoff]

[signoff icon=”icon-doc”]10. Using templates

A hiring manager who is required to scan through hundreds of resumes daily, have seen all the possible templates and will probably not pay extra attention to yet another resume following a template. Your resume should be 100 precent unique. If you’re struggling with personalizing it, Exceptional Tuition & Resumes would be more than happy to help you write a resume that will give you a competitive advantage.[/signoff]