How To Find The Right Work Boot For You

Whether you’re a jack-of-all-trades with an outdoorsy lifestyle or a tradie for a living, we’re all on the hunt for the perfect work boot. Yes, the perfect boot does exist—with just the right amount of comfort and safety. And we’ll take the headache out of the search for you. All you need to know is where you need to go looking.

RSEA Safety will be your new go-to footwear destination. It has a comprehensive selection of top-notch boots that will be perfect for any of your tradie needs. Their range delivers the right balance of protection, quality and fit-for-purpose that gives you everything you need in a work boot. RSEA Safety stock some of the world’s best-known footwear brands like Steel blue, Carhartt, Blundstone, Oliver and Wolverine to help you get your job done while keeping safe.

To help you choose the right work boot for you, let’s take a closer look at the most popular styles.

Zip Sided, Lace Up Boots
The classic lace-up boot with zips, provides a snugfit and is the most popular style across all construction sites in the country. They’ll keep your feet comfortable while also giving you a protection. And they’re not just for the job site—wear them anywhere from the backyard to bush treks.

At RSEA Safety, you’ll be able to find occupation-specific work boots and safety shoes that satisfy Australian industry guidelines. You can grab yourself a pair that’s water-resistant, heat-resistant and with a durable outer sole for all-terrain action. You can also find a big selection of the popular Steel Blue Argyle Steel Toe Boots.

Elastic Sided Boots
If you’re after the ultimate in stretch and movement, give elastic sided boots a try. They’ll give you a less restricted fit with tough as nails durability. Packed with protection and wear life, the elastic sided boots are easy to slip on and off and will keep you comfortable for long days on the job. Their expertly designed sole is slip-resistant and made to last. Depending on your needs, you can choose models with plenty of added safety features—some even have electric hazard resistance.

A lightweight runner-style shoe could be the right choice if you’re always on the go or need to move quickly around the workplace. Less heavy duty and made for more casual environments, runner styles deliver maximum comfort with a dynamic arch that adapts to different foot shapes. RSEA Safety offers active modern designs with both safety and non- safety options.

If you’re after protection from the wet & cold, look no further than a sturdy PVC gumboot. Keep your feet dry all day in cold & windy environments. Choose long-trusted brands like Blundstone and Kings, both available online at RSEA Safety. It offers a good grip on wet and slippery surfaces and will protect against chemicals, oil and acid.

Find the right work & safety boot for your needs at RSEA Safety and their top-quality selection.