How to Find the “Unadvertised” Jobs on the Gold Coast

Post by Monique Jeremiah, director of Exceptional Tuition & Resumes and Exceptional Training

I’VE had the pleasure of presenting at various employment seminars at Griffith University and schools across the Gold Coast.

So I thought it was time to share some of my insights into how to find the “unadvertised” jobs on the Gold Coast.


Now when I say “unadvertised”, I’m specifically referring to those jobs which do not appear on traditional job search websites, on recruitment agency listings or in printed form in the local newspapers.

I’m talking about the jobs which appear in other areas where many tend to overlook because they are not aware of the possibilities and opportunities.

I am also referring to the jobs which are hidden and the jobs which can sometimes be created (if you give employers a good reason to hire you in some capacity).

Here is where to look for these jobs and what to do as a prospective employee:

[signoff icon=”icon-attach”]Write and apply to employers directly and express your interest in employment
My recommendation here is to write an “Expression of Interest” cover letter and submit this with your professionally written resume to an employer directly. You should write and submit this form of cover letter when a job is not advertised, but your intention is to work for a particular employer. You may also like to submit this kind of application through the “careers” section of a company’s corporate website or by emailing the recruiting manager directly (after you’ve phoned to find out their correct email address). This strategy is useful as it allows you declare your intentions and interest in working for an employer and it also demonstrates your proactivity as a potential employee.[/signoff]

[signoff icon=”icon-attach”]Find a mentor and interview people who are in your industry
It never hurts to ask questions to gain a greater understanding about your future career prospects. Therefore it is highly worthwhile asking around your industry and/ or approaching people who work in the company or industry you wish to work in and finding out whether they know any contacts or jobs going or whether they may be able to refer you if you send them your resume and cover letter.

Engaging with your industry will also provide you with the opportunity to learn what jobs exists, what it takes to succeed and how you can make contact with the right people who may be recruiting for both entry-level and experienced roles.[/signoff]

[signoff icon=”icon-attach”]Network regularly
It is a reality in business today that people do business with people they know. Therefore if you are able to network online and offline you may be able to generate the opportunity to send your resume and cover as written evidence that you are the full package and potentially an ideal future employee. Therefore go to relevant industry events, conferences and get yourself known in your future industry. Networking also allows you the opportunity to beat the formal application process or lessen the number of people who you may be competing against if you are applying through online job websites or recruitment agencies.[/signoff]

[signoff icon=”icon-attach”]Write a catchy profile on LinkedIn
LinkedIn is quickly becoming one of the most popular locations for recruiters to find prospective employees. Therefore for jobseekers it is an ideal location to make yourself known and to sell yourself actively based on your merit. Overall think of LinkedIn as your written online resume and a great place to open yourself up to career opportunities.

For LinkedIn I therefore recommend the following when creating a profile:
• Create an attention grabbing “Headline” which includes your value proposition, mentions your unique selling point and relates directly to your career and career objectives
• Write a catchy summary which uses all 2,000 characters, uses keywords that recruiters will be searching for, share your major accomplishments and lists your major skills
• Join relevant groups where recruiters in your industry may be skimming at certain times. The more they see you, the better.[/signoff]

Overall, if you demonstrate your proactivity and make your passion for your career known, prospective employers will find you and you will have a greater chance at applying for the “unadvertised” jobs on the Gold Coast.