How To Know If A Man Is Bad News – Here Are The Things You Must Know To Tell If The Guy Is No Good


A seeming gentleman, lunatic, arrogant jerk or funny guy. Is the guy you are with cool or is he just a down right snake? The tips will let you know exactly if your guy gets the green light, or if he should be avoided at all costs.

He Talks The Talk, But That’s About It..


Is he the type that can talk for miles, but when it comes down to it, he never follows through on what he says. These are the type that are full of promises and nothing more.

He Has A lot Of Girl Friends?-

These women are always around, there to give him support or advice. These women are all in competition for him, but they think that the other girls are just friends’ of his. If he is a snake, then he is the type of guy who will always be on the lookout for a “better” or more appealing woman. 

He Dresses Flashy-

 He has “pick me up” and “look at me” written all over him. He wants attention, and when he gets your love and attention, it just adds another “badge” to his collection. He will always be trying to get new girls and keep adding to his bragging list. This type of person is a real slime and will never change his slippery ways.

He Is Always Making Excuses-

This type is the one who always comes up with reasons for his disappearances, or not forgetfulness. He in reality doesn’t really care at all about the relationship, and only cares about his own needs. When he makes excuses for not being there he’s probably seeking another woman or doing something behind his girlfriends’ back.


Source by Luther Lyons