How to opt out of My Health Record

If you don’t want a record created for you the deadline to opt out is fast approaching.

After midnight tonight, a My Health Record will be created for every Australian.

To complete the online opt-out process for either yourself or your dependents under 18 (listed on your Medicare card) as a minimum, you will need your Medicare card and driver licence (or other identification).


If you need to opt-out of a My Health Record for someone over 18 who is dependent on you, additional documentation is required and you may need to contact the My Health Record Helpline on 1800 723 471.

The following video steps through the process;

Once you have completed the opt-out process, you cannot cancel your request however if you change your mind down the track, and would like to create a My Health Record you can re-register any time.

For more information visit the My Health Record website or phone the 24/7 helpline on 1800 723 471.