How to save money on flights this Christmas

With everyone wanting to head home for Christmas or away for New Year’s Eve celebrations, flights are always super expensive during the festive season.

If you need to jump on a plane, Webjet have revealed the best time to travel to save you the most money.

Many people disregard travelling on Christmas Day as they feel they will miss out on family lunch, but often you can pick up an early morning flight which can save you loads. Travellers can reportedly save up to $80 per person one way by taking an international flight on Christmas Day and $30 on domestic flights.


Same goes for New Year’s Eve, with the travel website telling The Daily Telegraph travellers should fly out early New Year’s Eve rather than days prior.

“Flying on days like Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve could mean considerable savings,” said John Guscic, Managing Director of Webjet Limited.