Huge area of land to be preserved as open space for northern Gold Coast

A huge parcel of land has been saved from being turned into an industrial estate, after council finally settled on the purchase of Enkelmann Farm in Yatala.
88 hectares of land will not be preserved as open space, and incorporate walkways and sporting facilities in the future.
The land was initially earmarked as future industry space over a decade ago, though local Councillor Donna Gates has since been petitioning to have the open space preserved for locals.
Councillor Gates told myGC today is an important milestone for her, and the most significant strategic purchase of open space land in the city’s history.
“I’ve fought for this not to be ‘future industry’ for a very long time, in fact for over 10 years.”For me, it’s a very great thing that we’ve preserved this 88 hectares of land for the future of the city.

“It’s taken a while for us to settle on the land, it was proposed to occur a little earlier, but there was a wood chipping operation on the site, and council required vacant possession of the site, and it just took us a little while to organise,” Councillor Gates said.

The development of the site is still to come with Council yet to work out figures and official plans, but just the fact that the land is secured is a win for the local community.
“It might be a little way off, we haven’t allocated the budget yet for the future planning.
“It’s just great that we now have it in our ownership, the residents that live around the site can relax that there’s not going to be industry at their back doors.

“Once we have access to the site, I really urge everyone to go along and have a look because it really is the most beautiful piece of land.


“It runs along the Albert River, we’re going to have walkways, we’re going to have a lot of open space, as well as the sporting facilities that our community will need into the future,” Councillor Gates said.