Huge Australia-wide animal rights protest underway

A nation-wide animal rights protest is happening this morning, at various locations around the country.

Farmers are on high alert, as activists arrive at abattoirs to protest animal enslavement.

Police are also on alert, to come to the aid of farmers should protests take violent turns


In Queensland, activists flocked to an abattoir west of Brisbane, where at least 20 people chained themselves to equipment.

Police were called to Carey Bros Abattoir in Yangan – 100 kilometres south-east of Toowoomba – shortly before 4.00am this morning to negotiate with the activists.

They gave the protesters three lambs, which ended the protest after just two hours.

It mimics a similar incident in southern New South Wales, where activists chained themselves to equipment at an abattoir in Goulburn.

Police have arrested nine people, after cutting them free from a conveyor belt.

All eyes seem to be on the demonstration in Melbourne though, where people have staged a protest in the Flinders Street Station and Swan Street intersection, which has completely halted trams and traffic in Melbourne’s CBD.

Police have begun cutting chains linking the protesters to vehicles.

Today’s date is reportedly the one year anniversary of release of the film ‘Dominion’ – an Australian documentary that hopes to expose “the dark underbelly of modern animal agriculture through drones, hidden & handheld cameras,” as their description reads.

Recently, a farm cafe in regional Victoria recently had to shut its doors after a becoming inundated with abusive calls and visits from activists.

It’s believed the activists even stole some of the farm’s livestock.