Huge drugs bust: over $1 billion of methamphetamine seized

A large-scale state and federal operation has resulted in Australia’s biggest ever methamphetamine bust, with 1.2 tonnes of the drug seized from a boat in Western Australia.

There was a raid on a 16m long vessel yesterday, eight people were arrested and charged with possessing a commercial quantity of a border controlled drug.

It’s understood the drug would have fetched over a billion dollars if sold on Australian streets.


Deputy Australian Federal Police Commissioner Leanne Close said the drug would have been shipped across the country.

“From the information we’ve got so far, it appears it was destined for the East Coast… it’s always hard to tell where the distribution goes,” she said.

Western Australian Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said it’s a tremendous interruption to the global drug trade.

“We’re thankful this amount of the drug won’t be able to get into the lives of everyday Australians,” he said.

“There’s still much more we have to do.”

Police believe the drugs came from China, with the packages covered in Chinese lettering.

They’re working with international authorities to try and track down a larger ship which may have supplied the boat with the drugs.