Huge fireball engulfs downtown Los Angeles

MORE than 250 firefighters are battling a massive fire which has engulfed downtown Los Angeles.

It’s understood the fire broke out in a 7-storey apartment building under construction on the corner of Temple and Fremont streets about 1.20am local time Monday.

The LA times said there were no immediate reports of injuries but the huge fireball had closed two major highways and could be seen for miles.


It’s understood the construction site occupied commercial space on the ground floor and the flames have spread to neighbouring buildings.

The cause of the fire and how far it has spread remains unclear.

Images have flooded social media capturing the sheer size of the inferno with flames seen towering above sky scrapers. 

There is no further information available at this time.

PICTURE: @epolitzerphoto (Twitter)

PICTURE: Eric Politzer (Twitter)

PICTURE: @zackisthe

PICTURE: @zackisthe

FIRE - Tom Steinfort - 2

PICTURE: Tom Steinfort (Twitter)

FIRE - Tom Steinfort -1

PICTURE: Tom Steinfort (Twitter)

PICTURE: Twitter

PICTURE: Tom Steinfort (Twitter)