Huge increase in petrol theft on the Gold Coast

THE number of reported petrol thefts on the Gold Coast has soared in the last five years.

Statistics released by RACQ, show there were 2943 run-offs in the last financial year, up from the 681 in 2009/2010.

It’s believed rising vehicle and number plate thefts are to blame for the increase.


RACQ public policy executive manager Michael Roth told the ABC it’s not poor motorists stealing fuel.

“This is a criminal activity and it’s strongly linked with vehicle theft and number plate theft,” he said.

Mr Roth said the rise of fuel thefts could also lead to an increase in the price of fuel as service stations looked to cover costs.

District police superintendent Des Lacy told The Bulletin petrol theft could be prevented if petrol stations introduce a pay-before-you-pump policy.

“It means people go over the counter, pay for the amount of fuel they want and then fuel-up,” he said.